The Importance of First Aid Training

It is both moral & legal obligation of an employer to ensure his employee’s health & safety. But even if the employer takes utmost care to avoid any accident in his workplace, such incidents can’t never be ruled out. The workers may suffer from injuries during working schedule. No matter whether the injury is small or big but at least one person having knowledge on first aid should be there in the office, organization or factor who can handle such situations more smoothly. It is where the essence of first aid training is deeply felt.

The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulation of 1981 makes it mandatory for employers in the United Kingdom to have both appropriate and adequate first aid facility for their employees. It again finds support in the recommendations of the Health & Safety executives which states that some staff member must be adequately trained to be able to carry out first aid during work schedule. According to this act, the nominated first aider must be properly trained, and continue to be trained, to ensure that they can treat any kind of injuries suffered in the workplace.

Authorized Organizations such as the British Red Cross are offering specialized training courses to help the first aiders get trained properly & keep updating his or her training skills in firms. Such training courses have been running by the Red Cross in Britain for over quarter of a century & more over 100,000 get trained annually. Here, training on first aid is given through practical and theoretical sessions. The nominated first aiders are entitled to get the mandatory certificate of competence provided that they have completed a minimum of 24 hours training, usually completed over four days, or extended to three weeks. The competence certificates stand valid for three years & bring the first aiders with regular opportunities to receive first aid skill updating training within this time period.

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