How to Treat Third Degree Burns?

Based on the skin damage and the amount of pain, burns can be of three types. While first degree burns are of mild ones, second degree burns are of a bit more severe and the severity of third degree burns are of extreme quality. The treatment of various types of burns also differs as per the burn condition and the severity of the injury. There can be several sources responsible for severe burn condition. Being exposed to extremely hot items, flame, hot liquids or food, steam, gases, electricity, and radiation are all potential causes of burns.

Third degree burns, is normally the worst burn someone can recover from. These burns char through the skin and damage the deeper layers of one’s flesh including muscles and tendons. In most cases, home remedies aren’t enough to treat this burn. Black, charred skin and extreme pain are the symptoms of third degree burns. Besides this, difficulty in breathing, losing consciousness or burn related deaths are not uncommon to third degree burns.

Here are some immediate steps which you need to take if you or someone closer to you suffers serious burn injuries. In the first step, run cold water over the burn area. In the second step, the injured areas should be covered with a clean and sterile cloth. Third degree burns are highly susceptible to infection, so covering the wound helps keep dirt and germs out of the affected area. If hands or feet are burned, the fingers or toes should be separated with clean cloths to prevent webbing injuries. No household items such as ice, butter, or ointments should be applied to the burn, nor should any burn blisters be disturbed or popped. Then you need to check on with the doctor for further treatment.

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